Hotel Tsingy Lodge de Bemaraha – Bekopaka West- Madagascar

Concept / About us

The Tsingy Lodge is managed by a couple that has long experiences in the National Park, in its nature and with the locals of Bekopaka. Bruno worked 10 years for the ANGAP (Association Nationale pour la Gestion des Aires Protégées) and his wife Faratiana was responsible for the reception in the Park (responsable d’acceuil du parc) for several years. Now she has changed the administration tasks for the kitchen in the Tsingy Lodge.

The two realised that the tourists close to nature would appreciate to lodge in a hotel that on the one hand realises the guiding principles of the ecotourism and where on the other hand the guest feels comfortable and the service is qualitatively good. In the Tsingy Lodge both of these needs are satisfied: the tourism is in line with the flora and fauna, does not exploit them and faces the culture of the local Sakalava with respect.

 Since 2009 the Tsingy Lodge organises trips by boat on the river Tsiribinha and the Manambolo to the Tsingy and back to Morondava.